Christ is a religious figure.

Background Edit

He is the one whom Christmas is celebrated, celebrating his birth. He is the Son of God. He was killed by Roman Empire by dying on a cross.

The term BC as in the date 8 zillion BC (a date given for the period of QFG1). is a reference to 'before Christ' and his birth.[1]

The term "Geez/Geeze" are a mild oaths or explicatives based on the name "Jesus Christ".[2][3][4][5] Likewise so is the term 'Gee".[6][7][8][9] As well as 'sheesh'.[10][11]

Behind the scenesEdit

See also, Religion in Quest for Glory.

Crap is another word that can be used as a minced oath in place of "Christ". It is used by F.A. in QFG5.


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