The Chernovy are disfigured monstrosities of humanoid allure roaming the southwestern part of Mordavia Forest (mostly the area around the swamp) at night. They can also be encountered directly within the swamp itself, or inside the Cave of the Dark One, during daytime. The Chernovy are wizards and can use magic against the Hero.


These were once the human followers of the Cult of the Dark One, presided by the Mad Monk. They sought after immortality (and got it, after a fashion). They can be killed but do not die of natural causes. When the Cult attempted to summon Avoozl into the world, they were met in battle by a small army led by the paladin Piotyr and the Archmage Erana. At the height of the battle the dark magic emanating from Avoozl warped and twisted the misguided but human monks into the Chernovy, twisted and mad creatures with control of dangerous sorcery.

The battle ended in a stalemate, as Erana died preventing the summoning from being completed, and the surviving Chernovy fled into the Valley of Mordavia.

Behind the scenesEdit

Escaping the Chernovy is close to impossible, as the areas they appear in require concentration skills in order to overcome natural hindrances. They will cast spells like Force Bolt and Lightning Ball from afar as soon as they can, so attacking them from the same distance is wiser for Magic User and Thief types. During the fight, the Chernovy will cast spells every now and then, but letting them closer is a better strategy for Fighter and Paladin types.

The occasional Chernovy appearing in the Forest at night are easier to escape from as well as to deal with, though.

All Chernovy drop loot like money (usually fewer than Revenants) and potions.


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