Centaurs are a tauric[1] race featuring the torso and arms of a human and the hindquarters of a horse. Centaurs also have pointed, elf-like ears. They are most frequently found in the desert regions of Gloriana traveling in nomadic herds (as noted in Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School: Advanced Adventuring Course). As they know the desert expertly, they often serve as guides for caravans in the region.

Centaurs are extremely honorable, but have no sense of humor and as a consequence, they do not get along well with Gnomes.

Occasionally, centaurs can be found in other lands as they are quite an adaptable race. While often engaged in manual labor, centaurs may work in a variety of fields from farming to advising kings.

Centaurs are best at finding their away across the deserts.

Notable CentaursEdit

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