California is a state in Fredonia in northern Vespuciland in Gloriana.


Ann Agrama references California (as Kalifornia), as a pun in place of the Greek greetings used in Silmaria; such as Kalimehra (good day), Kalispera (good evening), and Kalinhchata (good night).

California is known for the California Creeper, a plant full of fruit, nuts, holly, wood, and vines.[1]



Behind the scenesEdit

California is mentioned in Quest for Glory 3, specifically for a type of plant originating from there.

Ann Agrama's reference to Kalifornia is an injoke, pun, and reference to California. She 'mispelled' it with a K (rather than a C) like she did with Kauliflower, and other terms she put in place of the Greek greeting.

One of Dr. Cranium's formulas is "Mexicalish", which appears to be the combination of Mexico and California.


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