"Far from the frost fields fares forth this fighter

Hunger has hurled me hither from home." --Brauggi introducing himself

Brauggi is a frost giant from the eternally frozen lands north of Spielburg, seeking fruit so that he may 'mellow his mead-horn'. He's willing to trade a glowing gem for enough fruit to fill up his prodigious fists. Fifty small apples from the Farmer's Market in town will satisfy the Hero's end of the deal, and Brauggi will yield up the gem and then start back home.

Behind the scenesEdit

He's worth having an extended conversation with, because he speaks four lines at a time, with lots of alliteration, in a similar style to old epic poems, such as Beowulf and the Eddas.

Do not try to attack Brauggi. It doesn't ever work out well.

In the EGA version, ask too many questions he doesn't like to answer, and he leaves until you come back later. (Unfortunately, he doesn't come back in the original "Hero's Quest" version.)