Boris Stovich is the husband of Olga Stovich. He was the former owner of the Village Store in Mordavia.  His character and voice are probably based on Boris Karloff .


Boris and Olga were friends of Nikolai and his wife Anna. A little over a decade after Anna died, Boris had a falling out with his wife. He was tired of her nagging, and decided to just run off into the woods. As night fell, he found himself close to the castle where he met the "Master". She offered him a job as gatekeeper, and gave him a house to live in just beyond the castle walls. It was there he watched the seasons pass for three years until the Hero showed up. The townspeople and his wife had thought he had died. The Hero helped he and his wife reconcile their differences bringing them back together again. Boris continued to be gatekeeper for a while, but returned to the town at night to be with his wife. Following the defeat of Katrina and Ad Avis, it is unclear if he continued on to be gatekeeper under the new Boyar; Dmitri Ivanov, or went back live with his wife and work in the shop.