The Borgov were a family of boyars (noblemen) who ruled Mordavia for several centuries. They are mentioned in Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness.


The Borgov family crest is made up several colors, of which the colors blue, orange, red, green, orange, violet spell out the family name (particuarly important to opening a secret passage in the Borgov family crypt in the Cemetery).

Boyar Barishnikov Borgov is reputed to have been the last of the Borgov. However, it is also said that he had a son who left the valley in shame of his father's ways, and presumably later died. His monstrous father outlived him.

Katrina is believed to be a distant cousin of the Borgovs (according to Dmitri and Magda), although this information remains unconfirmed throughout the game, as she might have simply been pretending to be part of the family.