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Bonehead (aka Bones) is one of Baba Yaga's former skull guards.


ZZT universeEdit

Skeleton (aka Skull) is QFGZZT's version of Bonehead. He later attends the wedding of Daforgo and Elsa von Spielburg and thanks the hero for the gem, and becoming a beautiful skull.

QFG4 1/2 universeEdit

Bones moved to Spielburg after the Hero defeated Baba Yaga for the second time in Monrova. He hasn't seen Baba Yaga since the era of QFG3. In Spielburg he rejoined his former gate guards and started guarding the new folks that have moved into the area, the Joneses. He doesn't like the Joneses too much and finds them to be too nice. He asked the Hero to take him away from the Joneses and to find him a new master. The Hero offered him to Larry as a new familiar. Bones was happy to become Larry's familiar, and is taken to the Witch's tree. He later thanks the hero and mentions that the Hero has helped him several times including getting him eyes and a hat.

Bones has had 12 years experience as a familiar before he became Baba Yaga's gate guard.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bones is obviously based off of Bonehead (he is referred to as Bonehead in the inventory). The name "Bones" may be possibly related to the original Quest for Glory EGA. In that game the name Bonehead doesn't appear, nor is it possible to "talk to Bonehead". He does respond to the question, "talk to Bones" however.

However Bones in QFG4 1/2 has a rather peculiar backstory where he refers to QFG3 and Baba Yaga being defeated for the second time in a place named Monrova. It's unclear if the reference to QFG3 was intended to be QFG4, and Monrova was meant to be Mordavia. However, it should be noted that the Hero never actually fought Baba Yaga in QFG4 (for the most part their encounter was 'peaceful'), so it may be another encounter altogether. Incidently Monrova sounds similar to Monrovia which is the capital city of Liberia in Africa (the theme of QFG3 is Africa).

However, as the game acknowledges QFG4 as having happened, and also refers to Bones as Bonehead, then the reference then the game author must have meant QFG4, rather than QFG3 (and Monrova = Mordavia). Another possibility is that Hero encountered Baba Yaga for a third time after his adventure in Mordavia, where he "did her in good". However the reference to QFG3 would still make little sense since Bonehead was with Baba Yaga in QFG4.

King's Quest: Romancing the StonesEdit

Bonehead also makes a cameo as an easter egg in AGDI's VGA remake of King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne as the guard of Hagatha's Cave. More information on that can be found at the King's Quest Omnipedia.

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