Bonehead is Baba Yaga's guardian.


Bonehead guarded Baba Yaga's flying hut from the gate on which he was mounted while the ogress resided in Spielburg Valley. When Devon Aidendale sought entrance into the hut, the talking skull made a deal: he would allow the adventurer to enter if the adventurer could find a glowing gem to make eyes for the skull. After receiving a gem from Brauggi, the aspiring Hero returned and gave it to Bonehead. From that point on, Bonehead allowed Devon to enter.

When Baba Yaga fled the valley, Bonehead was left behind. Once the ogress had returned herself to her normal form, however, she returned to the valley briefly to retrieve her guard. Bonehead was soon posted on a tall stick of wood guarding the path to the hut's perch in Mordavia. When the Hero encountered Bonehead, the skull once again wanted something -- this time, something to shield his eyes from the sun. The Hero brought him Nikolai's hat, and the skull allowed Devon past the other skulls guarding the hut.

Behind the scenes Edit

The name 'Bonehead' was introduced in QFG1VGA, he was nameless in QFG1EGA.

In QFG1 suggests, that he and the other skulls were originally the guards of Spielburg Castle but were killed ten years before when he and his men were ordered to defeat Baba Yaga, and save Elsa.

Bonehead (unofficial)Edit

Bonehead or Bones appears in fan sources, see Bonehead (unofficial) or Skeleton (unofficial). He also appears as a cameo in King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones.

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