• MoffRebus


    March 17, 2010 by MoffRebus

    The package of QfG Anthology contained several readme files such as troubleshooting etc. One of the readme files contained a large gap after the text, and after that, a surprise. A text by some JC (perhaps programmer John Cunney), with many trivia, easter eggs and behind the scenes information!! I decided to paste it here

    What? You mean there's more?

    You bet there is! We've decided to share some handy dandy information with those of you who got this far in the README file!

    This information is not a walkthrough for each game; it will not tell you everything you need to do. However, it will tell you about those little things you always wanted to know.

    There are 7 magic spells in QG1.

    There are 3 extra spells in QG2.

    There are 5 extra spells in …

    Read more >

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