The original, real Black Bird statue, in the Brigands' hoard.

The Black Bird, the Falcon, the Raven, Black Falcon, or Blackbird (is believed to be the fabled Maltese Falcon) is a mysterious treasure that all thieves seek. It is said to be worth "a King's Ransom!" or more. Unfortunately, although four Imitation Blackbirds were made, only one real one exists, it has been lost to time. The three other fakes and forgeries have appeared the world over and are sometimes being passed off as the "real thing" by less "honorable" members of our "noble" profession. The real Black Bird, if it does exist, remains lost in the ether....

The Known Black BirdsEdit

The Hero first sees a Black Bird in the hoard of the Brigands, however he doesn't pick it up. It once belonged to someone named Bogey[1], and its destiny was said to be irrevocably entwined with the Hero[2] This would later be confirmed by Elsa who said she brought the Blackbird with her to Silmaria (because Minos had interest in it). It looks like a plain ebony statue, and is heavier than one would suspect.[3]

In Raseir, the thief Ferrari hires the Hero to steal the Falcon from the home of the ruthless Captain of the Raseirian Guards, Khaveen. Upon successful completion and return to Ferrari, though, it is revealed to be in fact a fake, much to Ferrari's amused disappointment (at least he took it well). It is Ferrari, in fact, who admits to the Hero that there were four black birds made but only one had any value.

Another blackbird (a cheap plaster imitation) is for sale in the Tarna city bazaar at the Junk Shop of An Forda & Son. Only the Thief character type can actually find and purchase this particular blackbird, not that it really matters as it, along with all other possessions, is lost to the Hero during the impromptu trip to Mordavia. An Ford and Son claim that the black bird is rumored to have a fortune of gems inside. But admit that the one they have doesn't, as it was broken, and then glued back together.

The next known Black Bird (another cheap plaster imitation) is found inside the Dark One Monastery, just above the main door in a small alcove. It can be claimed either by climbing up the wall and walking across the small ledge between its resting place and the door, or by simply using the Fetch Spell. If the character is imported into QFGV, the black bird appears in the Thief's inventory upon his arrival (however it does not appear in the inventory of new characters created in QFGV).

In Silmaria, it is possible to encounter three Black Birds! The first one is the one (Immitation Blackbird) imported into the game from a thief's file (from Mordavia). The second, at long last, is the real Blackbird which Elsa had brought from Silmaria and is now in Minos's possession. It can be stolen from him if the Hero has Thief Skills. After successfully pinching it, the Hero should take it to Wolfie, the artisan, to have him bang out one last fake (Immitation Blackbird), then give the real one to Ferrari, to obtain the deed to Gnome Ann's Inn. A little later the Hero should then "let himself in" to Ferrari's home on Nob Hill, and swap his fake for the real one, and helping himself to some of Ferrari's more valuable personal possessions. Finally, the Hero should take the real bird down to the Thieve's Guild, show it to Arrestes, and thus secure his stranglehold on the title of Silmaria's Chief Thief!


  • There were originally only four black birds in existence, three forgeries and the real black bird[4] (there was later five after Wolfie created another forgery). The Hero runs into four black birds during the course of QFG1-4, three of these are forgeries. The first one he saw in Spielburg was the real thing, it was brought to Minos by Elsa and Toro.
  • The Falcon started out as a direct reference to the Maltese Falcon, from the movie of the same name, and clearly just as elusive... Even with a reference to Bogey. The idea to turn it into a plot point for the entire series started in QFG2, and retroactively added back into QFG1VGA.
  • In QFG1 EGA, the bird is not described, looking at it brings up the comment, "Used to belong to Bogey" (a nod to Humphry Bogart and the Maltese Falcon).
  • In QFG1 VGA, it is described as a "black bird". It is said to look "strangely familiar", and that its "destiny is irrevocably entwined" with the Hero's. It is confirmed in QFGV that this is the REAL Blackbird."
  • In QFG2, Ferrari, refers to the black bird as the Falcon. He refers to as a black bird, but uses Falcon as its proper name. The game also calls it the Black Falcon[5]. The inventory item is the "Black Bird", and describes it as a "mysterious black bird" and a "falcon"[6]. A death message also refers to it as the "Raven".
  • In QFG3, its referred to as the "blackbird" by An Forda & son and also within the inventory, and most descriptions. It is described as "a black bird sculpture", while it rests on the table. It is titled the "Black Bird" in the shopping screen.
  • In QFG4 is referred to as the "fabled Black Bird"[7] while in the alcove (indicating that Black Bird can be used as a proper name). The inventory item is the "Black Bird", it is described as a cheap plaster imitation of the "REAL black bird", and being a sculpture of a "black falcon". The Chief Thief refers to it as the "Blackbird".[8]
  • In QFGV, it is referred to as the "Blackbird", and it is confirmed that Elsa brought it with her from Spielburg. It is also described as a "blackbird" or a "black bird" by various characters. Wolfie describes it as a statue of a "raven". The inventory items are the 'Immitation Blackbird' (for both the imported blackbird and the one made by Wolfie), they are describe as having less weight than the real one.
  • In QFG3 it is said that it is rumored that there is a fortune in gems hidden inside the real blackbird.
  • Wolfie suggests that the true value of the Blackbird may not be with the bird itself, but what is hidden inside of it. To find out what that is, it woul have to be broken into pieces.
  • In QFG2 hintbook its called the Black Bird (Maltese Falcon?).[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

The black bird originally had no true importance, but was just another visual injoke tossed into the game by Jerry Moore[1], the Coles liked it so much they wrote it into the story in later games.


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