Bavaria is a region in eastern Germany and . Spielburg is located there.


The Bavarian people live there. Spielburg Valley lies within Bavaria and the region of Tyrol. Bavaria is known for its exported brooms, a long brush is held in place by a lavish Bavarian gripping mechanism.[1]

Willowsby appears to be located in Bavaria or to its east.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bavaria is not specifically mentioned in the games, although it is more than implied by the use of Bavarian.

Spielburg Valley is said to be based on locations in Bavaria. In some of the articles in InterAction Spielberg is said to be located in Germany or in Tyrol (Tyrol is a region that lies in parts of Bavaria and Austria, but also reaches as far south as Italy, a state in Austria is also known as Tyrol).

The Bavarian tribe settled in the land between the Lech, the Danube, and the Alps in the 6th century in what is today the south of Germany. The Bavarian empire reached its peak in the 14th century when it extended into Brandenburg](formerly a city-state not far from Berlin), the Tyrol region (which includes western Austria), and the Netherlands.

The peoples of the area includes the Bavarians, the Swabians, and the Franconians.

Today, Bavaria is the largest state of modern Germany, with a population of 11 million. It's economy includes tourism, glass, porcelain, and metal factories, and barley and hops used in its famed product, "liquid bread", otherwise known as beer.[2]

He has also mentioned it in other comments on web sites.[3]


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