Aziza is a powerful Wizard living in the city of Shapeir, and appears in the second installment, Trial by Fire.


Her name means "Highly Prized", it was the name of her mother. Her magic is based on the element of water and focuses on Sight and Healing. Aziza values Honor and good manners, and provides the hero with background information and clues toward solving several major puzzles in the game such as defeating the four Elementals that attack the city. She also explains what the Hero must do to restore Julanar's soul, and can give him information about Ad Avis. Rakeesh's son, Shakra, apprenticed as a wizard under her tutelage.

Aziza appears briefly at the beginning of the third game, Wages of War, to pass on a request from Kreesha for the hero and Rakeesh to travel to Tarna without delay, and delivers the troubling news that Ad Avis's body was not found after he fell from his tower.

Aziza was one of Shakra Sah Tarna's teachers of magic, along with his mother, Kreesha. He trained under Aziza while living in Silmaria.


  • Enchantress of Shapeir
  • Wizard of Water
  • The Echantress
  • Aziza the Enchantress
  • Aziza of Shapeir[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

If the hero attempts to kiss Aziza, she will say that he is most brash, but she will assume he meant only to flatter her.

Aziza (unofficial)Edit

See Aziza (unofficial).

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