Arus Al-din was the Emir (ruler) of Raseir before the arrival of the Hero to the land. He was known for being a kindly but unwise and cowardly man, and most agreed he was a poor ruler.

He was transformed into a saurus and deposed by his vizier, Ad Avis before the arrival of the Hero and replaced with his brother as a puppet, whereas law was really enforced by the captain of the guard Khaveen and real power lay in the hands of Ad Avis.

Somehow the saurus form of Arus managed to escape Raseir and arrive in Shapeir, where he was sold as a riding saurus to the Hero by Ali Fakir. His cowardly nature shone through even in his new form and, though he was loyal to the hero, he refused to help him in combat, fleeing whenever he saw a monster.

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