The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Ansil is a Halfling thief (unofficial) originally from the kingdom of Daventry. He once traveled to Spielburg Valley (unofficial), where he robbed Otto von Goon (unofficial)'s yoyo. He later robbed Jago Daforgo of many of his things at Erana's Peace (unofficial) after the hero spent the night there. Jago chased after him down the mountain, but couldn't find any evidence of him anywhere.

Later while heading back to the Spielburg Castle with Elsa, Ansil jumped out from a tree and stole Elsa's necklace (which had been a present from her grandfather). Daforgo chased after Ansil, but accidently tripped on a root, and couldn't catch up with him. Elsa was saddened by it, but knew they needed to head home.

After he had stolen some of the hero and Elsa's possessions, the infamous Halfling thief, hid himself in the forests. He waited until he thought it was safe to try to continue to his hiding-place. He went to the river to cross the bridge near the falls, where he encountered the Troll (unofficial) who demanded he pay the toll. Ansil lied and said he had nothing. The troll was upset, and threw him into the river. Daforgo and Elsa came to the bridge not long after, and they were told to pay, or they too would be thrown into the river to die like the halfing Ansil.

Ansil however did not die, and while still wet, he was able to attend the wedding of Daforgo and Elsa. His chair became very wet. Daforgo insulted the halfling, for being wet behind the ears. Ansil just growled at him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ansil is a character that appears in both Quest for Glory ZZT and the King's Quest ZZT series, suggesting both games occur in the same world. However, he maybe a reoccurring character that appears in other games by the designer as well.

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