Albuquerque is a city in southern Fredonia of north Vespuciland.


It is said to be some 152,700 cubits away from Shapeir Desert.[1] A sign in the savannah of East Fricana tells people to turn left to head in the direction of Albuquerque.[2] The Navaho people live in and near the city.

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference of Albuquerque in the Desert must be a reference to several Bugs Bunny cartoons where he is seen lost in a desert, looking for his way to Albuquerque.

152,700 cubits would actually only be about 42.33 miles. Albuquerque is actually about 7,594 mi from Iran.


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  2. Narrator (QFG3):"Albuquerque -- turn left"

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