Al Scurva was the former apprentice of Ad Avis. 


He has a similar temperament: he is self-serving, aggressive and rude. He was transformed by Ad Avis into a chimera-like creature for an unknown infraction and left to die in an iron cage in the desert.

The Hero frees him through use of a Dispel potion after being told of his location by the Dervish. Al Scurva is not grateful, insisting that the hero will receive no reward and that Ad Avis will now be watching him (introducing the hero to the figure of Ad Avis for the first time), before teleporting away.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is not known how long he was an apprentice of Ad Avis, it had to have been after Ad Avis "escaped" from Katrina, but after he took over Raseir. However, the timelines cause a few problems. The first is when did Ad Avis take over Shapeir? QFG1 originally set the take over about 3 years before QFG1 (QFG2 appears retcon the actual take over to 1 year before QFG1, but things were going bad up to 1.5 years before). QFG1 VGA completely removes the 3 year date instead implying that Kattas moved to Spielburg a year before (QFG2 suggests this as well). But to confuse things more the Money Changer in QFG3 seems to suggest 'years' since Ad Avis took over, as does Marrak in QFG5 (the latter has some unusually interpretations depending on which version of the timeline is examined).
  • Al Scurva had been in the cage for only a couple of days when you first find him. However he can technically be found at the beginning of the month, or much later in the month the game takes place (he can be saved at any time assuming you have all the required items).
  • Al Scurva is an in-joke reference to Sierra employee Bill Scurvin.
  • Al Scurva apparently has studied hypnotism under Ad Avis, and is still capable of it (at least to a limited degree) even while in beast form.
  • Since Ad Avis' transformation spell changes people into forms that most represent their soul, Al Scurva is clearly not a stable or pleasant man.
  • The Beast appears on the 12th day, two screens north and several screens west from the oasis.
  • The appearance of the beast is a very obscure puzzle in the game. The Hero can discover him only if he happens to visit the Dervish on day 12. One of the city guards or keapon or both alert the hero to the dervish when the beast quest is due. It is possible to complete the game without meeting and rescuing Al Scurva. However, encountering him is required for full points in the game.