Aidendale is the name of the Hero's family that lives in Willowsby about two weeks journey from from Spielburg (in good weather).


The Aidendales lived with their son Devon Aidendale, and his sister[1]. His parents protested when their son told them of his plan to become the hero of Spielburg. They warned him it had been a particularly harsh winter, and that he should wait a few weeks before attempting to cross the mountains. He ignored their warnings thinking it would be too late, and journeyed into the mountains towards Spielburg.[2] Devon once picked his mother's jewelry box for practice, relocking it afterwords.[3]


  • Devon has a sister, as confirmed in QFG5.
  • Devon Aidendale has an Aunt Helen. Its unclear on which side of his family she is on, his father or her his mother's. She may also be his 'great aunt' if the 'great aunt' isn't someone separate altogether.
  • The great-great-great-great-grandson who hasn't been born yet will know how to use toaster ovens.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some fans have speculated that Aidendale may be a reference to a location in the world of Gloriana. However there is no direct evidence for this.

Aiden is of Irish origin meaning Fiery. A dale can mean "valley" in Old English. Thus literally translates to Fiery Valley. Which possibly coincidently could refer to a Desert. QFG1 EGA actually speaks of a desert just over the mountains to the east of Spielburg where salt is mined, and Aiden thinks of a place he calls "the desert' in the Official Guide.. The valley to the east of Spielburg is where the Hero's home is. There are however no deserts in Bavaria, Germany where QFG1 takes place, although salt is mined in Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps.

The name Devon itself originates from a region (a shire ) of England.


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