Abdulla Doo, son of Ali, grandson of Hasan. He is the Master Merchant of Shapeir.


He was a master merchant of the desert city of Shapeir. In his youth he was a poet and also a trader and in his travels around the desert he fought many monsters.

Unfortunately, Abdulla was robbed by brigands while traveling to the Spielburg Valley through the Spielburg Pass. He claimed to have kileld many brigands but his guards were thought to have been killed or had run away like dogs.[1] In fact it is possible that not one man died.[2] He was taken in by his friends Shameen and Shema, a pair of Kattas from Shapeir and without his magic carpet they could not return to their homeland. Abdulla would be found in the Hero's Tale Inn for supper.

After the Hero defeated the brigands, Shameen, Shema and Abdulla bring the hero back to Shapeir on Abdulla's magic carpet.

In the second game, Abdulla once again spends his time in the company of Shameen and Shema in the new Katta's Tale Inn in Shapeir, and he provides the Hero with basic information about the Elementals. Upon their arrival in the city, he gave his magic carpet to the Sultan as a gift, and the Sultan rewarded him with great wealth.

Abdulla is portrayed as an honorable, compassionate merchant with a strong love for food, Shema's tea, and Shapeirian culture. He is boastful, but cares very deeply for his friends.

Titles Edit

  • Abdulla Doo the Merchant


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In the EGA version, these are the topics that the character can be asked about: name, Hasan, Shapeir, kattas, robbery, goods, valley, magic, brigand leader, cloak, brigand warlock, wizard, minotaur, guards

In the second game he can be asked about: name, inn, land, Shapeir, Shameen, Shema, katta, food, news, rumor, Arus, emir, Raseir, sultan, carpet, palace, elementals, fire elemental, fire, air elemental, earth elemental, water elemental, Djinns, magic, treasure, monsters, desert, dervish, fountain, plaza, money, money changer, merchants, poet, guild hall, thieves' guild, WIT, astrologer, month, year, omen, caravan, weather, Spielburg, brigands.


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